What Is A Practical Gift?

By definition anything that is practical is something that is useful or makes sense for the situation. A practical gift is one that is useful or wanted/needed by the recipient. There are some general and universal gifts but practical gifts  can differ depending on someone’s living situation, interests, needs, and desires. 

General or universal practical gifts for instance, could be a notebook or journal. why is this a practical gift? because everyone uses them eventually or at some point for something.  However, if you do not know the person very well finding a practical gift for them might not seem so simple and easy. 

What Is An Example Of A Practical Gift?

Let’s say for example that you are looking for a practical gift for your friend’s birthday. Your friend recently started going back to school and mentioned a couple times that the bag she uses to carry books is much too small. A practical gift you could give your friend for her Birthday would be a new school bag or backpack. 

How to find a practical gift?

  1. Think about the person you are giving the gift to and who they are. (Don’t think about what gift you would want)
  2. Do not look for gifts that will make for an exciting exchange or WOW factor. 
  3. Think of things the person needs? What would make their life easier? What could improve or be useful to the giftee?
  4. Gift cards are always considered practical gifts because they can be personal but also give the recipient room for choosing what they want. 
  5. Uber Eats gift cards for those who are busy or not big fans of cooking, Nike gift cards for athletes, Barnes and Noble gift cards for avid readers and writers, Uber gift cards for friends or family without reliable transportation, etc. 

Practical gifts in short are those that are useful, while many believe that “exciting gifts” are more fun than practical-useful ones, research has actually proven people are happier to receive useful and practical gifts over those that are fun but hold no personal value. 

In 2020, practical gifts are the way to go, we made our app to help make giving practical gifts a little more fun and personalized. You can share gift cards virtually with anyone and attach your personalized greeting card picture or video message to send along with it. 

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