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Celebrate any occasion by choosing from thousands of different types of mobile gift cards. Mobile gift cards are just like physical gift cards and can be used in-store or online however they create 0 waste, have no environmental impact, and they are much more convenient.  We have a variety of brands from retailers, restaurants, hotels, airlines, car services, gaming, bookstores, phone services, and more. Gwick offers mobile gift cards from over 180 national brands including NIKE, HOME DEPOT, FOOT LOCKER, AMERICAN EAGLE, SPOTIFY, ULTA BEAUTY, CALLAWAY GOLF, BURGER KING, CHIPOTLE, AMC & MORE!!

The mobile wallet feature on the Gwick app is one of its most convenient features, it is the page in your Gwick App where you can always find all your gwick gift cards so when it comes time to pay in-store or online you know that you can just open the app click on your wallet and pull up the giftcard to show the cashier or input the code numbers into the online checkout. For Example, your in the GAP store at the mall and you are ready to pay, you remember you have a gwick gift card so you would 1) open your Gwick APP 2) Navigate to the Wallet 3) click the Gap Gift Card and 4) present it to the cashier to scan the barcode or input manually the numbers on the card.

Once you pick out the desired gift card you want to send, click on the brand and choose the denomination you want loaded on to it. If you are buying a digital gift card for a baby shower, after choosing the denomination you would select the Buy as a Gift option, however, maybe you want to give yourself a gift, then you would select It’s for me. When you land on the prompt for payment, you can feel at ease knowing your information is protected by the leader in cyber security Vesta Corp. When you land on the payments page first you will find information about the cost of the card and if there is a promotion for that gift card, space for entering a promo code can be found there. The bottom portion of the page is where you can enter your credit card information and if you wish to you may save it for future use. This is the final step in payment, if you have entered in the payment information correctly, the done button in the upper right hand corner will turn blue. PLEASE NOTE: Once you press DONE the purchase will be processed! After payment is processed the gift card will appear within minutes in the recipients Gwick App wallet or your own Gwick App wallet depending on what you selected.

Gwick App is a mobile gifting platform that offers instant gift card purchases. All gift cards are electronically delivered. If you purchase a gift card on the Gwick app to use personally the gift card will appear in your gwick app wallet once payment is made. If you send a gift card on the Gwick app to a Gwick app user it will be sent mobily and appear in their gwick app wallet within minutes. If you send a Gwick to a non Gwick App user, we will notify them by SMS text message and they will be prompted to download the app. Once they have installed the Gwick App on their IOS or Android device, the gift card will already be waiting in their app wallet.

Gwick mobile gift cards are usually sent in less than 5 minutes but may in rare cases take up to an hour or two. If you recently purchased a Gwick Gift Card and it was not delivered in the above time frame please contact us at [email protected]

Unfortunately, No. Gwick Gift Cards are currently only available for purchase and use in the United States.

Choose “Upload Your Own Photo” to add an image from your personal library or from a social media account or to take a picture and attach it. If you’d rather add an animated greeting, then select or record a video and attach that instead. Once you’re satisfied with the selection, begin to fill in the dollar amount, recipient information and customized message.

We accept debit and credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover®, and American Express®. Credit Cards must be registered to United States addresses or the purchase will not be processed.

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