GWICK was founded in 2016 with the objective of changing the gift card industry! With the evolution of technology, people are taking shortcuts when it comes to meaningful celebrations in their friends and family’s lives, but with GWICK, we use technology to our advantage to create the only social gifting application today!

GWICK is a proprietary gift application that gives people the opportunity to celebrate life on a new social media platform. GWICK’s distinct gift card capability enables individuals to send virtual gift cards (VGC) with personalized messages by sharing videos, pictures, and comments. With hundreds of brands to choose from, including B2C and B2B executions, the Company can send businesses, friends, family, and employees VGC’s in seconds. Through GWICK’s social news feed like Facebook or Instagram, people can interact and never miss an important occasion again. GWICK is the easiest and most fun way to buy and send gift cards!

CEO – Ross Weisman

Ross Weisman a native of Boca Raton, Florida showed an aptitude from a young age for business whether it was coming up with business ideas or investing in stocks. Having a passion for the stock market, Ross went on to receive a degree in finance from the school of business at Florida Atlantic University. In his junior year at FAU, Ross came up with the idea of GWICK as a response to receiving generic text messages on his birthday just saying “Happy Birthday”. Ross felt that the birthday experience had become impersonal. Knowing that he could not change the way people use technology today, Ross wanted to create a gifting platform that would allow people to stay connected and celebrate their most important occasions with others in a meaningful way. “And that’s how GWICK was started”.

COO – Samuel Kaye

Samuel Kaye, born in Los Angeles California, now a resident of Boca Raton, Florida recently graduated from the University of Colorado, at Boulder with a major in Communication.  His passion has always been entertaining people and bringing something new to the table.  With GWICK, he is accomplishing both. He, along with his team, is bringing a more social, personable gifting experience to the marketplace, while entertaining people with videos and pictures.  GWICK is the best of both worlds where you can send digital gift cards and attach a heartfelt message along with it.