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The New Gifting Experience

Never lose, forget, or have a gift card go unused again. With Gwick, you can now send virtual gift cards to friends and family in seconds, no matter their location. Attach a video/picture along with a personalized message to any card where it is then stored within your mobile wallet. The need to go into a store to buy a gift card is a thing of the past!

Share & interact with your friends on your Gwick feed

“Send a Gwick!” A post that includes a digital gift card with an attached video, picture, or written message.
The Gwick Feed is where all social activity occurs and allows friends and family to stay connected. The Gwick Feed will also interact with existing social media platforms.

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Search for hundreds of brands!

Celebrate any occasion by choosing from thousands of different types of gift cards.
We have a variety of brands from retailers, restaurants, hotels, airlines, car services, gaming, bookstores, phone services, and more.

Have your gift cards securely stored in the Gwick Mobile Wallet

The Gwick mobile wallet is where all gift cards are stored, whether they are sent to you or purchased for yourself.
Simply use the bar code or card number associated with the gift card to purchase when shopping.
Never worry about losing or forgetting a gift card again!

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